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Anatomical Landmarks

When you first use the app it may help to use small stickers on your clothes to identify the anatomical landmarks needed for consistent measurement of the various angles. With experience these may become unnecessary.

We have included a downloadable sheet of target images that can be used for this purpose. Alternatively use contrasting coloured self adhesive labels which can be bought from your local office supply shop.
Anatomical location
How to find the correct point
Lateral maleolus
The bone that sticks out on the outside of the ankle
Lateral condyle
The most lateral bony point half way between the front and back of the knee. An alternative is to use the intersect of the lines through the middle of the thigh and the lower leg when the knee is at 90 degrees
Greater trochanter
The bone you can feel moving below the waist line / side of the pelvis when the leg is swung backwards and forwards
Lateral end of the clavicle
Follow the clavicle from the chest wall to the top of the shoulder joint
Lateral condyle of the humerus
The bony point that can be felt on the outside of the elbow joint
Styloid process of the ulnar
The bony point at the end of the forearm on the little finger side of the wrist

Locating the anatomical landmarks

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Please feel free to download and use these simple target images to help you measure the exact angles when you first get started.

Target graphics

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