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Q: What are the minimum requirements for this app?
A: TheBikeFit is optimised for use on the most recent iPhones running iOS 7, but will work on older machines. However video analysis is processor intensive and can be slow on older devices.

Q: The image is too blurred to use.
A: The best images are produced in well lit conditions using a blank background.

Q: I can’t seem to save the video I have just recorded.
A: Make sure you have sufficient memory available on your phone. If there is insufficient space the app will not be able to store the file.

Q: I can't post to my Twitter or Facebook page?
A: To use these functions you need to have the current version of the Twitter or Facebook app installed on your iPhone, you also need to signed into your account. If there are still problems check in the iPhone's 'Settings' and check you are properly signed into your accounts there.

Q: Is there an app for the iPad?
A: Sorry, not at the moment.

Q: How do I download a file from Dropbox or my email into the app?
A: To open the file on your iPhone, simply click on the TheBikeFit file in the email or in the shared Dropbox folder. You must then press the share icon (insert Icon here), then select the 'open in' (icon here) option and choose TheBikeFit app. The image will then install automatically.

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